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In addition to our standard delivery program, please contact us (via E-Mail) or give us a call: Phone +49 421 / 793 07-500

Special Brass High Copper Alloy Cast Bronze
CuZn35Ni (CW710R) CuBe2 (CW101C) CuSn5ZnPb (CC491K)
CuZn38Sn1As (CW717R) CuCo2Be (Cw104C) CuSn7ZnPb (CC493K)
CuZn28Sn1As (CW706R) CuCrZr (CW106C) CuSn10Zn
CuZn40Al2 (CW713R) CuNi2Si (CW111C) CuSn12 (CC483K)
CuZn20Al2 (CW702R)

Phosphorbronze Nickelsilver Titan
CuSn6 (CW452K) CuNi18Zn20 Grade 2
CuSn8 (CW453K) CuNi12Zn24 Grade 5

Copper-Nickel Aluminumcopper
CuNi10Fe1Mn (CW352H) CuAl10Ni5Fe4 (CW307G)
CuNi30Mn1Fe (CW354H)
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